Ninety-nine And A Half Just Won't Do - Gospel Musical Stage Play

Miracle Theatre, 226 S Market Street, Inglewood, CA

Ninety-nine And A HalfJust Won't Do

Centered around a major Gospel Chori Competition, "NINETY-NINE & A HALF JUST WON'T DO" challenges many Christian choir members, their faith in God, and the reasons God has called them to sing his praises. Filled with laughter, joy, hurt, and pain; overwhelming talent; signing like you've never witnessed; and choral skills igniting rhythm, harmony, and unity. This powerful musical stage production questions whether the competition will turn out to be for God's praises or for man's fortune?  For better or for worse? Will people be forced to keep on hundred?  I guarantee it will have you singing..."Ninety-nine and a half just - won't - do!"

Dr. Ruth Andrea Featherstone will be portraying the very sassy, witty, sanctified, and the spiritual church lady, "Sis. Agatha."